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Who We Are

Our tutors’ experience and knowledge of how to work with students with different learning styles and/or special needs is crucial to our success. They are able to coach students to work from their strengths to overcome their weaknesses. Our tutors have an awareness of different learning styles which allows them to help students understand concepts not understood in class.


Many are certified special needs teachers with backgrounds that include working with children diagnosed with dyslexia, ADD, or autism spectrum disorders. Others have had experience in inclusion classrooms. Still others bring their expertise from subject specific businesses and higher education. We match each child to the tutor(s) who best meets their needs.


We also have tutors certified in, or with training in, special methods such as Wilson, Lindamood Bell, Orton-Gillingham, and Fast ForWord. These highly structured and sequential programs, which can improve readiness and development of necessary skills are ideal for students struggling with reading.

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