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What We Do

At Solutions, we work to develop a learning culture that a student can recognize as his own. We believe that motivation and relevance are keys to getting students hooked on learning. We take the time to build relationships with students of all ages based on mutual respect and trust. We see them as young people with talents, interests, and multiple relationships in the world beyond school, not just as struggling students.


We honor different learning styles and recognize that, often, our clients are labeled as underachievers or students who just don’t care, where, in fact, they want to achieve, but simply need a helping hand. We assess where the student is, then work with the student, parents, and teachers, when appropriate, to determine how to turn each child’s educational experience into one in which he is invested. We believe that all students have strengths.


Our goal is to use creative approaches to help each student recognize his/her own unique learning styles and develop as a confident, independent learner.

How We Do This
  • We work to remediate disabilities.

  • We offer multiple instructional strategies.

  • We help students recognize their own individual learning styles so that they can learn in a way that is effective for them.

  • We help kids catch up when they fall behind.

  • We help students break down defenses that arise when they lack confidence or fail to perform according to expectations.

  • We encourage students to discover how learning can help them to better understand themselves and how they can flourish in their roles in their families, schools, communities, and the world at large.

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