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  • Our daughter learned so much about how she learns best. She's so much more confident now! - Kathy

  • Our son's grades have gotten better, and he is much better able to do his homework without our insisting and constantly checking. - Tom

  • It is so helpful to have tutors who check with and work with teachers. They come to meetings as well. This helps us work together to improve the students' school experience.  - Resource teacher, Barnstable

  • Working as a team helps our kids improve so much faster! - Learning Specialist, CCA

  • My granddaughter improved her SAT  scores a lot after working one-on-one with Solutions. I would highly recommend them to anyone. - Ed

  • Our son's scores jumped in the SAT's after he worked with Solutions. - John

  • “Fast ForWord is an amazing program backed by years of research. Our child has specific learning disabilities and was able to make wonderful improvements in all his skills after using these programs. He loved using them too- to him they just looked like fun computer games!” - Michael & Joelle

  • “Our son is autistic, and after he worked on the Fast ForWord programs, he made global improvements in his language, in his social skills and in his attention. Wonderful!” - Lauren

  • “As I watched my daughter graduate as a menber of the National Honor Society, I knew it never would have happened if it hadn't been for Nancy & Solutions”          - Mike

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